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0422 299 949 






PO Box 3513

Caroline Springs, VIC 3023


Why Use VNAU Real Estate?

  1. VNAU Real estate agents are experienced and fully trained in their field.
  2. VNAU agents are ideal "middle men."
  3. Agents have extensive knowledge about your neighbourhood or suburb.
  4. We can help you find a good real estate price.
  5. VNAU real estate have access to current market condition data.
  6. Gain access to a network of professional industry contacts.
  7. Our agents are good at negotiations yet manage to keep your information confidential.
  8. Professionals handle bureaucratic paperwork and property laws knowledge.
  9. VNAU Agents provide all relevant information even after your settlement date.
  10. A relationship is created for business in the future.

VNAU Specialties and Values


Neil Ho, as the director of VNAU Real Estate has been known for more than 15 years since 2000 from Perth to Melbourne. Neil strongly believe integrity is ranked number 1 in his business. Neil has seen up and down in his career in real estate, and the last one standing with success is the one who has integrity.


We have connection overseas, we advertise your properties overseas and in Australia. We are new and competitive. All costs are upfront, nothing to hide. 


VNAU real estate offer a low fee with quality services, as integrity is our quality assurance.  We improve the sales strategies to achieve the best possible price for you in any market.


Our specialties are residential investment, improve capital growth of your investments, residential developments such as building, subdividing, town planning procedures.  Please call us on 04 222 999 49 if you wish to discuss your project with us, we will tailor your projects from feasibility study till settlement.


Before you proceed with us please visit: https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/duediligencechecklist for information on how to check a property prior to buying in Victoria, Australia.