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0422 299 949 






PO Box 3513

Caroline Springs, VIC 3023





Anthony Huynh – Southbank, VIC

"Excellent structure in business. Neil’s integrity and foundation have brought him many success. Beside Neil’s professionalism, Neil is a good husband and a father."



Enrick King – Sunshine, VIC

"Neil is a professional investor, he has been experience up and down market in Real Estate and still make money during recession. From the bank point of view, Neil has proven to the banks that he can do it by eliminating all unnecessary risks in his projects, plus he also had back up plans in place."



Dunkley – Perth WA

"Neil is one of the best mining engineers and estimator for mining projects while he was with Leighton Contractors. Many projects has been tendered and won by Neil. Neil proved to be a great asset to us, regrettably Neil left for Real Estate."



Chew – Mandurah, WA

"Neil Ho was one of our Mining Engineer’s graduate program. He was working very hard. Neil always put his best effort in everything he does, thus he deserves to be successful."