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Invest in Real Estate

We know for the fact is population increase exponentially, so does real estate price. So if you wait for the property price to drop and buy it, then you never can buy any cheaper than today price. At the end of property booms, properties might take some adjustments in about 1-2 years then property price will go up again. As more and more people will need a home to live, they either rent or buy properties. Therefore in the last 30 years properties always have been doing better than stock market in Australia. Australian properties are always in demand as more and more people call Australia home.


Did you know that approximate 14,000 people in Australia have more than 5 properties?

How are you going to support yourself when you retire? You cannot reply on the Government funding for pensioners, because by 2030 the aging population will be double what it is now. You also cannot reply on your super fund as they will be dependent on the Economy. Beside super funds are costly to run and not much return on investment. The best bet is to do some study about real estate and invest into your long term goal, retirement. Some average people said you need at least $1.8 million to be comfortably retire. So how can you make that savings by 65 years old? No better answer than to start investing into real estate.


What to buy and where? How do you recognize the cycle of property? What signals indicate the end of a cycle and the start of the new cycle? Those who want these answers must call VNAU real estate agents now for advices.   We have been in the game for the last 15 years from Perth to Melbourne.


There are basically 2 main groups of properties. One provide you with positive cash flow such as townhouses and apartments, the other provide you with negative cash flow such as big land with small old house. So which one is suitable for you? Or you need both in order to build your property portfolio.


When is the best time to sell? Whether you should hold it or sell it? Is there a formula for successful investment which allow you to make money both in boom time and recession? Is there a recession ahead or not? VNAU Real Estate will analyses all these phenomena and give you free answers to all of the above. We are here to help you hence help us to grow.