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0422 299 949 






PO Box 3513

Caroline Springs, VIC 3023



VNAU Real estate’s background is in development from Perth since 2002. Therefore if you are thinking of buying land or old properties for development please call us for advices and how to do it properly with a good return on investment. What you want is to turn over at a profitable price then move on to the next project.


VNAU Real Estate is currently looking for stakeholders who will have either cash, expertise, or time to invest into our project – Holidays Resort. For more information please call Neil Ho 04 222 999 49.


For every project, VNAU would have done feasibility study prior to proceed to acquire land. If you want us to do this feasibility for you, do not hesitate to call us.  Provided that you are going to list and sell with us, the initial feasibility study for 1 hour will be free from VNAU Real Estate, all other related fee will be charged such as architects, town planning consultants.